Father Leopold FAQ

Father Leopold Celebrates Mass Frequently Asked Questions

Are these sets made with real LEGO bricks?

Yes, all the pieces are genuine unmodified LEGO bricks with exception of the Roman collar, Lectionary and Sacramentary. These three pieces were printed after they left the factory. The vestments are not made by the Lego Group.

What should I do if I am missing a piece?

While we strive to make sure every set is complete, if you find that you are missing a piece, e-mail a picture of the piece from the instruction booklet along with your mailing address to info@domesticchurchsupply.com and we will have a replacement piece sent to you.

Can I buy a Fr. Leopold minifigure separately?

At this time, you can only get the Fr. Leopold minifigure in the Father Leopold Celebrates Mass set.

Why does it take up to 4-6 weeks to have my set delivered?

Father Leopold Celebrates Mass is assembled by hand in small batches. Because of this it can take several weeks, depending upon order volumes, for us to fulfill orders. If you need a set sooner, see our listing of Retail Outlets.